Sunday, 3 November 2013

U9's v Woodrush

Under 9s

Old Yards v Woodrush

Match Report – 3 November 2013


It was a cold and sunny Sunday morning when the Old Yards welcomed Woodrush for their first home match of the season.  Again, Old Yards had a good turnout comprising Alfie, Ben, Frankie, Fynn, George, Harley, Harvey, James, Kieron, Louis and Will.

Unfortunately Woodrush could only manage a team of 6 but the Old Yards squad helped them out with Harvey, Keiron, Frankie and Louis all volunteering to assist by playing a half each for the Woodrush team.

The first match started well for Old Yards with the recent training beginning to show when they got a turnover over ball with six tackles.  This was rapidly followed by two tries from George and Frankie.  Woodrush got one back before Ben and James scored to extend the Old Yards lead.  On the final play of the half Woodrush (through the Old Yards volunteer) got a try back to leave Old Yards leading 4:2 at half time.  The second half followed almost the same pattern as the first with Old Yards extending their lead through tries by Harley,Kieron and Ben.  Again the tackling has improved and twice Old Yards got the ball back through six tackles or by forcing their opponents into touch.  The remainder of the half was even with two tries by Woodrush matched by Harley.

Final Score: Old Yards 9 Woodrush 4



Ben​    2

George.     1

Frankie      1




The second match almost followed the same pattern as the first with Old Yards taking an early lead with three tries from Ben and one from Louis,  Woodrush struggling to break through the Old Yards tackles.  A sudden burst of energy saw Woodrush get two tries back before a try by Frankie put Old Yards 5:2 ahead at half time.  The second half showed Old Yards increasing the pressure and getting possession through 3 lots of 6 tackles or forcing Woodrush into touch.  Two tries each for George and Louis were matched by only one from Woodrush to give Old Yards and early lead.  The strong defence continued with Woodrush getting through only once in response to two tries from Harley and one from Ben.




Final Score:  Old Yards 12 Woodrush 4


Scorers.   Ben4

Louis.     3

Harley.    2

George.  2

Frankie.   1


Clearly a good morning for Old Yards with some strong defensive play and good forward running – the mix of try scorers showing that anyone on the team can score.  However, there is still work to do in terms of maintaining the defensive line more effectively, getting the team to spread out more and, for some, to increase the power of their tackling.  Something we can try to improve next week when we take on Old Edwardians.