Notices - 07/01/13



Dave Adams our fixture sec has almost completed the fixtures for January and February and these will be on the web shortly.


The club is very aware of the cost to parents of providing sporting opportunities for their children when they are growing so quickly. We have now got the start of a stock of boots provided by parents whose children have outgrown them. If you would like to exchange or purchase, for a small donation towards the children’s Presentation Day, any of the boots we have in stock, please see me any Sunday.


The First Team at Old YARDS are now just two matches away form playing at Twickenham in a National Cup Competition. On Saturday 19th Jan they play Bedford Swifts at home and we would like as many of our Juniors as possible to come and support. If we do make it to Twickenham I hope we have sufficient numbers from our minis and juniors to book a coach and travel down to the sacred home of English Rugby to enjoy the occasion.

Notices - 06/12/12


We now have six groups of ladies who have volunteered to work in the kitchen on a Sunday morning, giving up their time to provide sarnies and drinks to our visitors, and sustenance to our players. Wherever possible the groups will follow a rota so that they will always be available to support their kids. Consequently on the 13th January all our teams are involved in FESTIVAL RUGBY away and so no food will be available at the club. A big disappointment to our visitors who look forward to that bacon and egg sarnie but it can't be helped. Dave Adams our fixture secretary is involved in compiling our fixtures for the new year and these will appear on  the web- site as soon as possible.

Coaching courses for our coaches and parents.

 At a meeting with the RFU last night we were told that we may be able to access coaching courses that are funded by the regional development group. Anyone based at the club can apply whether it's for Rugby Ready, Levels 1 and 2. or different aspects of the game such as scrummaging. Anyone interested must see me on Sunday as I need to submit names on Monday morning.

The Christmas party.

Debbie Woods has done an incredible job. Not only has she managed to get us a D.J. and loads of food, after several letters she has managed to arrange a visit from Santa. He can't stop long because he is really busy and must shoot off to Ireland straight after to see some children over there. Nobody will want to miss this epic event. Remember 3.30 till 6.30 0n Sunday 16th.

Sunday at the club. 

Weather forecast is so-so for Sunday. If I need to cancel either training or the games it will appear on the web-site by 9.15 at the latest. But I think we will be okay as long as we wrap up warm.


Notices - 03/12/12

The Under 10’s have a home match with Redditch this Sunday 9th December.


Notices - 02/12/12

If you are reading this you are aware of our new junior website address and hopefully the importance it will play in improving the communication between the club players and parents.
It is intended that all important notices, match reports, fixtures and social events at the club are placed on the website in an attempt to ensure all players and parents are aware of what is happening both in terms of short-term and long-term planning.


All players who are attached to the club should have filled in the completed registration form and paid their membership which is £50 for the year and £25 for any second child.
All parents should have had access to the various policy decisions made by the RFU such as anti-bullying, risk assessment coach and player behaviour etc. If you require any of these documents please see Graham or Dave on a Sunday morning.

Sponsored Kits

Thanks to the generosity of the following individuals;
John Lonie
Phil and Steve Painter
Richard Dickson
The under 7’s, 8’s, 9’s and 10’s turn out every week in sponsored kit. There have been many problems with the size of the kit but I think we are getting there slowly. It is hoped that the kit will last our teams for two years and should only be worn on match days. If any player unfortunately leaves the club for any reason we will need the kit returned.

In addition to the kit we have invested in;
Waterproof training tops - £20.00
Polo shirts - £13.50
These are available on a Sunday morning.

Matches Cancelled

Instead of attempting to contact every coach and player individually if we need to cancel any game it will appear on this website. Inspection of pitches normally takes place at about 8.30am and the decision will be on the website by 9.15am at the latest.

North Wales International Festival of Rugby

Several coaches/parents have indicated they would like a mini-tour at the end of the season. We have distributed details on the above and we need to make a decision as soon as possible on whether we wish to be involved (by Xmas the latest).
In addition we need a volunteer/s to step forward and organise the above. Anyone interested please make themselves known on a Sunday morning.

School Visits


We still need players at every age group and we have put into place a program of coaching in various schools. At present we are in Lighthall and after Christmas will be in Langley Junior School. Any parent who thinks a visit to a particular school would be beneficial please inform any member of the committee on a Sunday morning.